Oct in Montreal!


In a few days I’ll be traveling to Montreal to the IIA Canada’s 2018 National Conference.

The theme for the 2018 National Conference is “The Agile Auditor in an Age of Disruption”. Each day internal auditors are faced with new opportunities to provide insight and foresight to stakeholders.  These opportunities require a commitment to challenge existing internal audit practices and methodologies.  This agility will support faster, smarter and more focused responses to new risks, threats and disruptions.

Five tracks, focusing on ethics/fraud, technology, the public sector, leading-edge practices and soft skills, will provide already developed tools and techniques on how innovative internal auditors can embrace change and succeed in a constantly evolving environment.   

I will be talking about how the platform economy is changing our market structure and what are the key elements to watch out for when operating within this new landscape transformed.

Governments are starting to ramp up audits, raise capital gains taxes, and demand country-by-country reporting on profits and tax payments in order to strengthen local presence. In almost all cases, companies comply to retain access to fast-growing markets. In effect, host governments want foreign investors to act like private equity firms that capitalize local companies and operate through joint ventures or special purpose vehicles whereby cash is held onshore for longer.

We are entering an important phase where the choices of regulators will determine the geography of business and innovation more than the presence of technology and talent. The policy choices we make over the next few years will change not just the structure of future global businesses but also the competitiveness of entire nations.

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