Attention: The new creative currency

As barriers to entrepreneurship disappear, the race for attention will repeatedly separate the winners from the losers. How do startups like Instagram, WhatsApp, and AirBnb build massive user bases without a marketing team?

How do individuals like Eric Ries build a huge global following without ever appearing on the metaphorical TED stage? How do self-published books like Fifty Shades of Grey gain worldwide appeal with zero marketing budget?

This keynote answers these questions by laying out a strategic framework to leverage the network to market you or your business.


"Lital was a keynote speaker at the Singularity Leadership program that my company attended in Germany this year.

We learned how to utilize exponential technologies and incentivized innovation to accelerate our business objectives. 

She has an uncanny ability to sort through all the hype and focus on the developments that are really going to make a difference. This was an interactive and collaborative experience, leaving the participants in the room with an understanding of what the future will look like and how to act on it immediately"

Dr. Stefan Ross
General Manager,
Trocellen GmbH