Lital Marom 
Keynote Speaker
Innovation Strategist & Visionary

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Lital Marom is a thought leader of agile business processes and digital transformation. Lital helps teams future proof their business.

Welcome to the exponential economy, where a new breed of companies are growing and scaling at a pace never seen before.

For classic companies born before the digital era, it’s a whole new world where age, size, sales, and market CAP won’t guarantee market presence tomorrow. Lital Marom is lending her hacker’s mindset and strategic expertise to global brands, helping them hack traditional business models with emerging technologies.

She and her team at UNFOLD use an evidence-based innovation framework to guide classic companies through modern technology and strategy overwhelm so they can thrive in today’s economy.

Lital got her start building computer systems for companies in Israel and Europe, before advancing to lead global sales and strategy for Fortune 100 teams across three continents. Since then, she’s lived in ten countries and founded four companies of her own, including the innovation and management consulting firm, UNFOLD, and the leadership and development institute The Academy of Tomorrow.

A frequent lecturer and sought-after keynote speaker, Lital is a thought leader on digital transformation, new economies of scale, and the future of work.

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