Disruption: Disruption in the digital age

The only constant is change, and the rate of change is increasing. In the next 10 years, 40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist.

Disruption is dominated by data-driven tech giants who are entering into adjacent fields: Google into the automotive industry, Apple into the music industry, Facebook into the global telecom industry, and IBM Watson into healthcare.

In this keynote Lital gives the audience a true understanding of the urgency of these disruptions. She explains the rate of technological change, where it’s going and how can you identify opportunities to innovate and transform your own business model before someone else will.

Key Takeaways:

·       Learn the foundation of digital disruption

·       Hear about the latest innovation strategy that’s disrupting our economy across industires  

·       Get inspired by global customer examples of disruption


"She is able to take big ideas and theory, and apply it to specific verticals in a practical and actionable ways. This is important for anyone looking to adapt and scale with the agility required in the world today."

Zoltán Szilárd Pápay
Head of Market Management,